Amara Namani[4][1] is a cadet in the Pan Pacific Defense Corps.[5] She is the pilot of Scrapper, and following her conscription into the PPDC, becomes the co-pilot of Bracer Phoenix and Gipsy Avenger.[5]


Early Life

Amara was born in 2020, seven years into the Kaiju War.[1] In 2025[note 1], she loses her entire family in the Insurrector attack during 2025.[6] The Namanis are on Santa Monica Pier when the Kaiju attacks. Insurrector smashes the pier in half and crushes Amara's parents and brother, leaving her orphaned at the age of five years old.[1]

Life with Kai and Hannah

Pacific Rim: Uprising

By 2035, Amara begins building her own Jaeger[1][5] she later names Scrapper, a Jaeger that can be piloted without the assistance of a second pilot.[6] She meets Jake Pentecost, a black market dealer, during her search for Jaeger parts, and both are later arrested for their crimes.[7]

In order to be pardoned for their criminal acts, they have the choice of joining the Pan Pacific Defense Corps to train to become pilots or go to prison.[7]



Amara is a security hacker with the ability to exploit computer systems within Jaegers from studying Jaeger Tech.[1] In addition to her hacking skills, she taught herself how to build Jaegers using spare parts left behind by the original Jaegers destroyed during the Kaiju War.[7]

Known Inconsistencies


  • Amara replaces Mako Mori (the original lead female character of Pacific Rim) as the female lead in Pacific Rim: Uprising.


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  1. According to Cailee Spaeny, Amara's family is killed ten years before the events of Uprising.


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