An Yuna[1] was a Ranger in the Pan Pacific Defense Corps and one of the pilots of Nova Hyperion.


Early Life

An Yuna is a skilled fencer aiming to join the team qualifying for the Olmypics. However, her rival, Pang So-Yi, is also aiming to do the same. Both An Yuna and So-Yi are in the process of qualifying for the Olympics when sirens go off in the waterfront arena where they are competing.[1]

Yuna is able to escape with her friends and the other occupants of the arena. Outside the arena, Yuna realizes that So-Yi is still inside the arena. Her friends try to hold her back, but Yuna breaks away and heads back toward the arena. Yuna witnesses the Kaiju as it rises from the water. The arena is in the creature's path, but she continues toward the arena until she finds So Yi. The two are able to escape the arena with their lives.[1]

Pan Pacific Defense Corps.

Sometime later Yuna and So-Yi join the Jaeger Academy and are later assigned to the Mark-4 Jaeger, Nova Hyperion.[1]


Of the two pilots, Yuna is more serious minded than her partner, So-Yi. Despite what would appear to be a bitter rivalry and hatred between two, born out of a mutual competition, Yuna is able to disregard her own personal feelings the moment So-Yi needs her help.[1]


  • An Yuna is pronounced (안유나, yoo-na).[1]
  • An Yuna is described by Travis Beacham as "a bit lighter-skinned, and shaved bald" because "she has the skull for it".[1]
  • An Yuna and So-Yi were born in the same calendar year, however, So-Yi is "slightly older" than An Yuna.[2][3]