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Anti-Kaiju Refuge
Anti-Kaiju Refuge-01
Civilians in Hong Kong entering the refuge
Geographical Information
Country North/Central America - North/East Asia[1]
Establishment Unknown
Status Active
In Pacific Rim
Notable Events Double Event; Otachi attack (January 8, 2025)[2]
Notable Locations Hong Kong[2][3]

The Anti-Kaiju Refuge[4][2] (also known as Anti-Kaiju Shelter[4]) is an underground shelter system for civilians on the Pacific Rim.


Established sometime after the initial Kaiju attacks, the Anti-Kaiju Refuge acts as a temporary shelter to protect civilians living in Pan Pacific cities from the immediate danger presented by the Kaiju and the damage that follows the inevitable Jaeger combat should the Kaiju bypass the miracle mile and enter the city.

Once civilians are alerted of immediate danger by the Kaiju Emergency Alert System, Strike Troopers are deployed in the city to lead them into the underground tunnel system. They enter several large bunkers with reinforced steel doors, meant to protect them, before the doors seal.

The refuge itself is large and spacious, reinforced with steel beams and brick. However, the security of Anti-Kaiju Refuges is not foolproof. Black market dealer, Hannibal Chau, suffered an injury that damaged his left eye after an attack in a public refuge. The incident spurred him to build a private bunker to protect himself (and presumably, his subordinates).

The January 2025 Double Event (triggered by Newton Geiszler‘s drift with the remains of Mutavore’s secondary brain) supported Chau’s statement that the refuges were poorly secured when Otachi destroyed the street above the ceiling of a shelter to reach Newton.


  • Originally, Hannibal Chau was meant to accompany Newton into the Anti-Kaiju Refuge.[5]




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