Baby Otachi (Rubber Figurine)
Baby Otachi1-590x
Product Information
Type Rubber Figurine
Series Miscellaneous Figures
Release April 2015[1]
Item no. 31992[1]
UPC 6-34482-31992-5[1]
Manufactured NECA

Baby Otachi is a figurine in the Pacific Rim action figure series developed by NECA. Baby Otachi was released in April 2015.[1]

Official Description

"From the epic Pacific Rim movie! It might be the littlest kaiju ever, but Baby Otachi is just as deadly as its Category IV mom! This freshly-spawned 6” long replica has an unsettlingly rubbery feel and features a detailed umbilical cord and bendable tail. (Angry Hannibal Chau and missing shoe not included.)"
—Product Description[1]



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