Big Sur
Big Sur (Jasper's Place)
Country/ContinentUnited States
Notable EventsNaomi Sokolov interview with Jasper Schoenfeld (November 15, 2024)[1]
Notable LocationsSchoenfeld Residence[1]
Notable ResidentsJasper Schoenfeld

Big Sur is a lightly populated, unincorporated region on California's Central Coast where the Santa Lucia Mountains rise abruptly from the Pacific Ocean. Big Sur is the location of Jasper Schoenfeld's personal residence.[1]


Following her interview with Tendo Choi at the Anchorage Shatterdome, journalist Naomi Sokolov, sought out Jasper Schoenfeld, one of the pioneers of the Jaeger Program.[1] Schoenfeld relocated to Big Sur, California, living in a lavish building near the edge of the cliff overlooking the water.[1]

At his request, Naomi was allowed to conduct an interview with him at his home about the beginning of the Jaeger Program and the first successful battle against a Kaiju with Brawler Yukon, a Mark-1 prototype Jaeger.[1]


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