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Brawler Yukon
Brawler Yukon
Technical Information
Given Name Brawler Yukon
Launch Date January 30, 2015
Classification Mark-1[1]
Status Destroyed[2][3]
Country of Origin United States of America[1]
Jaeger Specifications
Battle Specifications
Pilots Adam Casey(deceased)
Sergio D'onofrio
Caitlin Lightcap
Kaiju Killed 1
Out-of-Universe information
Appears in Pacific Rim: Tales From Year Zero

Brawler Yukon is a Mark-1 prototype Jaeger. It fought against the Kaiju Karloff in Vancouver. Brawler Yukon is notable for being the first Jaeger deployed into actual combat against the Kaiju.


Pacific Rim: Tales From Year Zero

Brawler Yukon was constructed on Kodiak Island, Alaska and designed by Dr. Jasper Schoenfeld and Caitlin Lightcap. Its first demo is performed by USAF Captain Adam Casey on January 30, 2015.[4] Adam is unable to control the mech and suffers a mental seizure during the procedure. He loses control of the Jaeger, which crashes to the ground. His death makes Dr. Lightcap uncertain about using the next candidate, Lieutenant Sergio D'onofrio.

Sergio pilots Brawler Yukon in the next demonstration, February 18, 2015. Sergio manages to make the Jaeger walk, but the neural load is again too much for his brain and triggers a seizure. Caitlin, who theorizes one mind controlling the entire Jaeger is too much, uses the pons to connect with Sergio. Her efforts create the first Drift. The demonstration is a success and the higher-ups of the Pan Pacific Defense Corps move to authorize the Jaeger Program.[4]

On April 23, 2015, weeks before the first line of battle-ready Jaegers are ready for deployment, the Kaiju Karloff is detected and on its way to Vancouver, BC. The PPDC decide to field test Brawler Yukon and deploy Lightcap and Sergio to engage the beast. Brawler Yukon kills Karloff, showing the world that humanity is ready to fight back against the Kaiju.[4]

Brawler Yukon is destroyed sometime during the Kaiju War[2][3]


Standing on two stubby legs, Brawler Yukon, unlike some of the future Jaegers, did not have a very humanoid structure. Its body is large and hunched with a large neck leading up to the Jaeger's small head. It has huge dome shaped armor plating around its shoulders, and long thin arms with massive blades attached. Brawler Yukon is armed with several missiles on its back that are fired into the air like mortars.



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