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Other Appearances

The following is a list of other external and non-canon media appearances by Cherno Alpha.

Pacific Rim: Kaiju Battle

Pacific Rim Kaiju Battle-03

Cherno Alpha battles Leatherback in Pacific Rim: Kaiju Battle.

Cherno Alpha is one of six playable characters that appear in Qualcomm's Pacific Rim: Kaiju Battle mobile game. The color of Cherno Alpha's character model can be customized with a color slider and the photo mode option available in the game allows players to insert character models into any photograph taken with the phone or tablet of choice.

Cherno Alpha, like the other six playable characters in Kaiju Battle, use a basic melee moveset and are given a set amount of health, that can be restored after each victory, the opponent must deplete in order to beat them.

Pacific Rim: The Video Game

Game-cherno alpha-01

Cherno Alpha as it appears in Pacific Rim: The Video Game.

Cherno Alpha is one of five non-DLC player characters in Yuke's Pacific Rim: The Video Game. Cherno Alpha can be selected for either the game's story mode and verses mode and experience points can be earned in each battle against the Kaiju or another Jaeger.

Cherno Alpha's move-set is comprised of basic punches and kicks, guards and guard-breaks, but is given two unique powersets: The "Z-14 Tesla Fists", which function as described in other Pacific Rim media, cause considerable damage to an opponent with electric shocks, making for an easier victory for player, and the "Incinerator Turbines", a power move to fire tremendous flames at the target functions similarly to Gipsy Danger's Nuclear Reactor attack.

Basic Stats

  • Height: 280 ft
  • Weight: 2412 tons
  • Speed: 3
  • Power: 10
  • Armor: 10

Pacific Rim: The Mobile Game

Cherno Alpha (Pacific Rim The Mobile Game)

Cherno Alpha as it appears in Pacific Rim: The Mobile Game.

Cherno Alpha is one of nine unlockable unlockable player characters in Reliance Games' Pacific Rim: The Mobile Game.[1] Cherno Alpha is a unlockable Jaegers that costs a total $20000 player points. Cherno Alpha has five alternate skins can mod the character model with ("Crimson", "Hammer Head", "Black Knight", "Dark Titan", and "Autumn".).

Cherno Alpha has five available weapons that can be upgraded and purchased and added to its arsenal.[1] Of the five weapons, unique to Cherno Alpha is the Flamethrower and the Mark-4 Energy Caster. In accordance to the media wide error present in other external Pacific Rim media, Pacific Rim: The Mobile Game lists Cherno Alpha as a Mark-4 Jaeger.[1]

Basic Stats

  • Height: 280 ft
  • Weight: 2412 tons
  • Speed: 2
  • Power: 10
  • Armor: 10