Type: Pan Pacific Defense Corps
Subject: Combat Asset Dossier — Jaeger, Cherno Alpha
Chapter: Chapter 20, page 208
Name: Cherno Alpha Generation: Mark IV[note 1]

Date of Service: July 4, 2018[note 2]

Date of Termination: n/a

Ranger Team Assigned
Aleksis Kaidonovsky, Sasha Kaidonovsky

Mission History
Cherno Alpha is credited with six kaiju kills: Raythe, Okhotsk Sea, November 6, 2018; OS-19, Osaka, April 12, 2019; Atticon, Seoul, November 10, 2020; HC-20, Ho Chi Minh City, May 25, 2020; KM-24,Kamchatka, April 7, 2024; Taranais, Queen Charlotte Sound, September 14, 2024. Detailed to Hong Kong Shatterdome following decommissioning of Vladivostok Shatterdome in 2024.

Operating System
Pozhar Protyev 6.4

Power System
StunCore 88 digital plasma reactor

Incinerator Turbines, shoulder-mounted
SparkFists, generating short-distance arcs of lightning-strength electricity between gauntlets; most effective when combined with two-handed physical strike Foot Spikes

Cherno Alpha's Conn-Pod is torso-mounted to accommodate cranial expansion for incendiary fuel supply and energy storage. Designed for long-range patrols in the hostile environments of Russia's Bering and Arctic coastlines. Suggest Cherno Alpha be designated mission alternate to carry nuclear payload in Operation Pitfall, as its physical durability at abyssal depths will exceed other available Jaegers.


  1. contradicts the film which states Cherno Alpha is a Mark I
  2. Travis Beacham cites that the Cherno is a Mark-1 and launched in 2015. After he made this public on his twitter account, Cherno's status was adjusted according to the new info on the Pan Pacific Defense Corps site.