Type: Pan Pacific Defense Corps
Subject: Combat Asset Dossier — Jaeger, Coyote Tango
Chapter: Chapter 18, page 190-191
Name: Coyote Tango

Generation: Mark I

Date of Service: December 30, 2015

Date of Termination: November 6, 2022

Ranger Team(s) Assigned:
Stacker Pentecost, Tamsin Sevier;
Gunnar Tunari [KIA], Vic Tunari [KIA]

Mission History:
Coyote Tango was credited with two kaiju kills: Onibaba, Tokyo, May 15, 2016; Ceramander, Hawaii, October 9, 2021. Damage sustained in the Onibaba engagement sidelined Coyote Tango for a full year. It was then held out of deployments for a further period after Kaiju Science and J-Tech teams discovered reactor-shielding issues. During this delay, original pilot Stacker Pentecost was reassigned from active Jaeger service into a command role.

Operating System:
Nautilus-4 Zirca Sync

Power System:
Iso-Thor Collision Chamber

Ballistic mortar cannons, shoulder mounted
V-P1 EnergyCaster, capable of modulation through five modes, forearm mounted [retractable]

Coyote Tango’s deployment in Tokyo May 15, 2016, was the first documented instance of a single Jaeger pilot [Pentecost] controlling a Jaeger following the disability of the second pilot [Sevier] and consequent failure of neural-handshake.
Coyote Tango retrofitted with improved reactor shielding following observation of radiation sickness in Mark I Ranger pilots.
Destroyed St. Lawrence Island, November 6, 2022.