Crabcat Kaiju
Production Photograph of Crabcat.
Technical Information
Given Name Crabcat
Status Deceased[1]
Kaiju Specifications
Battle Information
Powers Invisibility
Weaknesses Heart
Target Information
City Targeted Palms Springs, California

Crabcat[1] is a Kaiju that appears in the promotional YouTube fan film, Pacific Rim: Training Day.[1] This Kaiju is not an official part of the Pacific Rim universe and is only from the promotional video.


Crabcat emerges in Palms Springs, California during Jaeger teams Shameless Fox, Wolf Queen and Redflag Horowitz's training session with the Lieutenant Commander. Using its invisibility, Crabcat evades detection long enough to reach the training area of the Jaeger cadets. He takes on the Jaeger cadets, and initially, using his invisibility and their incompetence, is able to beat them without any effort.[1]

However, when Redflag Horowitz accidentally discovers Crabcat is vulnerable to its wave laser, the team sets the weapon on max and reveals the Kaiju in a single blast. Weakened from the attack, Crabcat cannot defend itself against Wolf Queen's Railgun barrage. Shameless Fox pinpoints its heart as its weakness and engages Crabcat in close combat. The Kaiju is killed by Shameless Fox's extendable sword.[1]


  • Crabcat is portrayed by Guillermo del Toro the director of Pacific Rim. At the end of the video, he took off his costume and comments that it's very hard to live like a Kaiju.[1]





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