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Crimson Typhoon
Crimson Typhhon Blueprint
PPDC Blueprints of the Crimson Typhoon.
Technical Information
Given Name Crimson Typhoon
Launch Date August 22, 2018[1]
Classification Mark-4
Status Destroyed
Country of Origin China
Jaeger Specifications
Height 250ft (76m)[2]
Weight 1,722 Tons[2]
Speed 9[2]
Strength 8[2]
Armor 6[2]
Battle Specifications
Equipment 28-Go/Cockpit[1]
34R0111/STERNO Piston[1]
OSIH Achilles Shock Absorber[1]
11X///Triples Control Device[1]
Operating System Tri-Sun Horizon Gate[3]
Energy Core Midnight Orb 9[3]
Weapons IB22 Plasmacaster[2]
Body Language Muay Thai triplet[3]
Power Moves Jet Kick[3]Thunder cloud formation
Pilots Cheung Wei (deceased)
Jin Wei (deceased)
Hu Wei (deceased)
Kaiju Killed 7
Out-of-Universe information
Appears in Pacific Rim

Crimson Typhoon (暴風赤紅, Crimson Tempest[4]) is a Mark-4 Chinese Jaeger piloted by the Tang Wei Cheung, Hu and Jin.


Early Combat History

Constructed in the province of Changzhou, China, Crimson Typhoon is launched on August 22, 2018.[5][3] Piloted by the Wei Tang Brothers, Cheung, Jin and Hu, Crimson is accredited with seven Kaiju kills and the successful defense of the Port of Hong Kong seven times.[5]

Hong Kong Incident

Crimson Typhoon is dropped into Victoria Harbour, alongside Striker Eureka and Cherno Alpha, by helicopter prior to the battle to confront the Kaiju. Striker Eureka would be unable to assist the two, as Marshal Pentecost did not want to risk the Jaeger being damaged prior to the assault on the breach. This order would prove disastrous, as neither Cherno Alpha nor Crimson Typhoon were prepared to face Otachi or Leatherback.[5]

Otachi engages Crimson, springing out of the ocean and sweeping its barbed tail into the Jaegers side like a flail, knocking Crimson off balance and sending the Jaeger flying. After recovering the triplets use their signature attack: the "Thundercloud" formation and activate all three of Crimson's rotating claws, and proceed to slice Otachi's head and chest.[5]

They lost their advantage when Otachi grabs two of Crimson's claws and crushes one of them. Crimson counter attacks, using its flexibility to hop over it. The Jaeger then tosses the Kaiju over to Cherno Alpha, who grabs her in a headlock. As Crimson comes back to attack Otachi again, its pilots are unaware of the pincer at the end of Otachi's tail. After knocking them off balance a second time Otachi brings the pincer down on the Conn-Pod from overhead and grabs hold of it before the pilots can recover, and proceeds to crush it, killing the triplets. Otachi then tears whats left of the Conn-Pod from the Jaeger's shoulders and tosses it into the bay. The beheaded Jaeger collapses into the harbour afterwards.[5]

Pacific Rim Novelization

Early Combat History

During its eight deployments against Kaiju, Crimson Typhoon is taken across and beyond the borders and littorals of China. Its first mission is with the likes of the Mark-1 Jaeger, Cherno Alpha, April 2019 in Osaka, Japan. The second, they are accompanied by the Mark-5 Jaeger, Striker Eureka and once again by Cherno Alpha, May 25, 2025.[6]

Crimson defends the coastline of China at least four times. January 20, 2021, Crimson defeats the Kaiju, Hidoi in Bangkok; it intercepts Tentalus in the region of the China Sea, September 7, 2022 and an unknown Kaiju in Shanghai, January 2, 2024.[6]

August 13, 2024, Crimson is deployed in Taipei, Taiwan and defeats Biantal and later, on November 30 of 2024 Crimson is deployed in Sapporo, Japan to fight Tailspitter.[6] Crimson and Striker are deployed in the Bohai Sea to intercept the Kaiju, Kojiyama, on November 30, 2024.[6]

Hong Kong Incident

During the fight with Otachi, Crimson Typhoon's Conn-Pod is crushed and torn from the Jaeger's neck. Marshall Pentecost orders a recovery team to salvage the head of the Jaeger on the chance that one of the Wei triplets may have survived by escaping through the puncture in the cockpit's head created by Otachi's tail pincer.[7]



Crimson's Conn-Pod.

Unique among the Jaegers, Crimson Typhoon is piloted by three Rangers as opposed to the traditional two. The Conn-Pod, designed by Dr. Caitlin Lightcap, functions and accommodates a triple Neural Handshake and three-pilot control.[7][6] Two pilots to control the Jaeger's basic movements in the front, and a third pilot to act as gunner behind his co-pilots.[3]

Crimson is constructed with full titanium core alloys and fifty diesel engine per muscle strand.[5] Crimson Typhoon's three arms allow for great mobility and range in combat; the fighting style of the Wei Tang triplets grant Crimson the grace of a practiced martial artist.[3] Broad shouldered, Crimson Typhoon uses its shoulders to defend against punches and shield itself, allowing it to strike back immediately, rolling with the left shoulder.[3] It also features three rear jets which allows for an increase in forward movement for a limited amount of time. They can be used to aid in the Jaeger's ability to leap into the air, often decreasing the distance between her and a kaiju to land a melee attack. These rear jets can ignite independently of each other increasing the speed of its melee strikes, as the torso twists during the slashing movement of the Jaeger's arms. They can be seen during Crimson Typhoon's signature attack, "Thundercloud Formation".

Crimson's OSIH Achilles shock absorbers are attached with magnetorheological dampers, allowing for better balance on an array of terrain in combat; the complex labyrinth of balance plates and pressure sensors housed within the feet calculates the thousands of micro-adjustments per second required to perform maneuvers[2]. Crimson's 34RO111 STERNO Piston, while a trade-off component, allows for the Conn-Pod's increased flexibility around the neck's connection.


Activating Thundercloud Formation.

Crimson's 11X/// Triples Control Device enables the tri-pilot system; the Conn-Pod itself acts as a telescope, allowing for greater vision in combat. Also, its pioneering Liquid Software systems, 28-GO, provide the lowest circuitry footprint of any Jaeger which enables the Conn-Pod design to be sleeker and more situationally aware.[2] The flexibility awarded to Crimson Typhoon allows it to rotate its lower torso and legs a full 180 degrees, perform high kicks and lift its body in order to perform flips.[3] Crimson Typhoon also wields an IB22 Plasmacaster, a weapon similar to the I-19 Plasmacaster. Crimson Typhoon's hands can pop outward and its four fingers on both right hands can split in half and rotate to form eight saw-blades for its signature "Thundercloud Formation" attack, along with its left hand which retracts sideways and pops out forward so the saw won't interfere the rest of the arm.

Kaiju Killed

The following is a roster of named Kaiju defeated by Crimson Typhoon, assisted or on its own.
Kaiju Date Location Jaeger Team
OS-19 [novelization] 4/12/2019 Osaka, Japan Cherno Alpha
HC-20 [novelization] 5/25/2020 Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Cherno Alpha
Striker Eureka
Hidoi [novelization] 1/20/2021 Bangkok, Thailand Solo
Tentalus [novelization] 9/21/2022 China Sea Solo
SH-24 [novelization] 1/2/2024 Shanghai, China Solo
Biantal [novelization] 8/13/2024 Taipei, Taiwan Solo
Tailspitter [novelization] 11/19/2024 Sapporo, Japan Solo
Kojiyama [novelization] 11/30/2024 Bohai Sea Striker Eureka

Known Inconsistencies

  • According to Man, Machines & Monsters and the stats card, Crimson Typhoon stands at 250 feet and weighs 1,722 tons. The blueprints state Crimson Typhoon weighs 6,122 tons and is 291 feet tall.
  • Crimson Typhoon's Combat Dossier states all seven Kaiju attacks thwarted by the Jaeger took place in Japan, Thailand, Vietnam and China. However, according to the film, all seven attacks occurred in Hong Kong near the Port of Hong Kong.


  • Parts of Crimson Typhoon's body language is modeled after Floyd Mayweather Jr. and traditional Wushu.[3]
  • Crimson Typhoon's "eye" is modeled after HAL-9000 from 2001: A Space Odyssey.[3]
  • According to the concept art featured in Pacific Rim: Man, Machines & Monsters, Crimson Typhoon's original name was "Echo Beijing".[3]
  • Crimson Typhoon is the only Jaeger capable of throwing kicks at his opponents.
  • Crimson Typhoon was originally going to have four arms and be piloted by female quadruplets, but the casting crew was unable to locate quadruplets.[3]
  • Crimson Typhoon's Liquid software system, 28-GO, bears a coincidental resemblance to Tetsujin 28-GO, the first anime to ever feature large robots, which Guillermo del Toro has cited drawing inspiration from.
  • Crimson Typhoon has pure titanium construction, according to Stacker Pentecost.
  • NECA's tagline for Crimson Typhoon is "Triple Threat".[8]
  • Crimson Typhoon's extra arm is on the right. However, in some concept art, Typhoon's extra right arm is on the left.
  • The Chinese characters printed on Crimson Typhoon, "暴風赤紅" are read in the traditional Chinese fashion from right to left and translate to "Red Crimson Wind Violence".
    • The romanization of "暴風赤紅", Bàofēng chìhóng, means "Crimson Tempest".
  • In Chinese culture, 三隻手 ("three hand") can also refer to a thief.
  • On Crimson Typhoon's logo, the word "煒", Wěi, can be found, possibly referring to its pilots, the Wei Tang Brothers.
  • Crimson Typhoon is a playable character in Pacific Rim: The Video Game.
  • 7" Crimson Typhoon figure is part of Series One of NECA's Pacific Rim collectible figures.


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