Dominique Lapierre-Becket is the mother of Yancy, Raleigh and Jazmine Becket. She was the wife of Richard Becket.[1]


Early Life

Dominique is the daughter of a French merchant. In 1993, she meets Richard Becket in the small town of Saint-Sauveur, France.[1] They marry in 1995 and presumably relocate to Anchorage, Alaska. In November of the same year, Dominique gives birth to her first child, Yancy.[1] In December 1998, she gives birth to her second son, Raleigh. Jazmine is the last child she gives birth to at an unknown time.[1]


During the first Kaiju Attack on August 10, 2013, Dominique is made aware of what is happening in San Francisco. She calls down from upstairs in their home and Yancy lets her know he and Raleigh are watching the news reports in the living room.[5] Sometime later, Dominique is diagnosed with cancer from smoking.[3]

Despite knowing they are the cause of her illness, Dominique continues to smoke until her death at an unspecified time. Before Yancy and Raleigh join the Jaeger Program, they visit her grave with their sister.[3]


  • According to Drift Space, Dominique gave birth to her children in the span of four years.
  • Raleigh considers Dominique one of his personal heroes after his uncle, Charles Becket.[1]
  • Dominique's favorite artist is Jacques Brel.[3]
  • Dominique shares the same name with the French author better known for his novel, City of Joy.