Drift (feat. RZA)
Pacific Rim Soundtrack
Composed by
Published by
Water Tower Records[1]
Date Released
July 22, 2013 (digital)[2]
Media Type

"Drift (feat. RZA)" is the official single of Pacific Rim, written and performed by Blake Perlman and RZA. The single was released July 22, 2013 on and added to the digital release of the official soundtrack.[2]


When the Earth collides
Two hearts, two souls combine
One love of humankind, in heaven's name
No time for fear or blame
Inside, we are the same
We feel it all, we feel the rise before the fall
No dividing us, we feel it all, we feel it all
We feel it all, the rise and fall
We drift inside each other, all we have is one another
United we can never fall
The great scientist minds, militaries combined
Formed the greatest weapons to defend mankind
From the bottomless pit, it's the apocalypse
Egypt, Okinowa, they threatened the populous
Nations of man must stand its terror
Two hearts ripped apart, they come together
Some bonds rejoined they cannot be severed
Brother, creed or color, we all need each other
We look beyond these borders just to see each other
The fate of the world is upon our shoulders
A soldier tell his father goodbye, you can see the proudness
A gleam of hope appears in his eye
No one knows for whom the bell tolls
A strong might body, hundred tons of steel
Kaiju, facing the enemy that stands before us
We feel it all, they're trying to destroy us!
We drift inside each other, all we have is one another
United we can never fall


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