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An American and Russian Drivesuit on display.
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The Drivesuit[1] is a type of body armor used to interface with the Jaeger and protect the body of the Ranger from injury sustained while battling a Kaiju. Rangers are taken to the Drivesuit Room to be outfitted into his or her Drivesuit by a technician[1].


Circuitry suitEdit

Drivesuit specs 01
The Circuitry Suit.
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The circuitry suit is a black body suit designed to interface with the nervous system of the pilot. The circuitry suit allows the pilot to feel everything the Jaeger does.[1]

Battle ArmorEdit

Drivesuit specs 02
Battle Armor.
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The second layer of the Drivesuit, the battle armor is a "precision-engineered" polycarbonate shell that enables the pilot to survive the intense physical requirements of piloting a Jaeger.[1]


Variations between Drivesuits are dependent on the country the Ranger operates from while on active duty. Drivesuits worn by Cherno Alpha's pilots are bulkier with a face plate, a monocle-like eye piece over the right eye, and a two pronged eye piece over the left. Gipsy Danger's original pilots, stationed in the United States, wore slightly bulky and white armor. Australia's Drivesuits, similar to United States' in shape and design, are visually more reflective of traditional camouflage gear used by the military and bear the number of Kaiju killed by the Striker Eureka. The Wei Triplets' Drivesuits are red and bear the emblem of Crimson Typhoon on its chest, while their suit's gauntlets are accented with long and curved spikes.

When Gipsy Danger is reinstated for active combat duty, Raleigh and Mako wear black Drivesuits akin to the one Stacker Pentecost is outfitted with when he decides to pilot the Striker Eureka alongside Chuck Hansen. Both the white and the black Drivesuits are representative of the United States Jaeger pilots; white being the earlier version,  black being the more recent model.[2]


A similarity shared between some Drivesuits are transparent or tinted helmet visors. When connected to the Jaeger, the helmets provide oxygen to the Rangers and have communicators in the circular point that meets the jaw. Relay Gel is fed through the helmet to better allow the Rangers to communicate through electronic impulses with each other during the Drift.[3]




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