Dustin Kreiger
Biographical information
Birth name Dustin Kreiger
Physical description
Career information
Occupation Principal Administrator of the Pan Pacific Defense Corps,
Commanding officer of Stacker Pentecost[1] (formerly)
Rank PPDC Secretary-General[2]
Affiliations Pan Pacific Defense Corps[1][2]
Out-of-Universe information
Appears in Pacific Rim: The Official Movie Novelization (mentioned)

Dustin Kreiger is the Secretary-General of the Pan Pacific Defense Corps.[1][2]


As Secretary-General, Dustin Kreiger serves as the principal administrator of the Pan Pacific Defense Corps. He once acted as Stacker Pentecost's commanding officer during his tenure as a Jaeger pilot.[2]

After Onibaba's attack in Tokyo, when it became necessary to remove Pentecost and his partner, Tamsin Sevier, from active duty as Jaeger pilots following their radiation poisoning, Kreiger requests the promotion of Pentecost from Ranger to Marshal.[2]


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