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Echo Saber
Technical Information
Given Name Echo Saber
Launch Date 2018[1]
Classification Mark-4[2]
Status Destroyed[3]
Country of Origin Japan
Jaeger Specifications
Battle Specifications
Out-of-Universe information

Echo Saber is a Mark-4 Japanese Jaeger. It was stationed at the Tokyo Shatterdome until its closure in 2024.[4]

Pacific Rim Novelization

During the year 2025, Echo Saber is in Sydney when Mutavore emerges and smashes through a section of the Anti-Kaiju Wall. Both it and Vulcan Specter attempt to stop the Kaiju, but are destroyed during battle. Mutavore is able to enter the city before it is killed by Striker Eureka.[5]


  • Echo Saber is one of the three Jaegers to defend the Anti- Kaiju Wall.
  • Travis Beacham states that outside the novelization Mutavore never destroyed two Jaegers before breaching the wall.[6]


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