Type: Editorial
Subject: Inside the Cult of the Kaiju by Kylie Kaillski, ZNN
Chapter: Chapter 19, Page 200
"This is Kylie Kaillski, at the edge of the San Francisco Exclusion Zone. This is the place where the first Kaiju, Trespasser, finally went down under the combined assault of the United States Air Force and the momentous decision to use tactical nuclear weapons on American soil.

The area near the boarders of the Exclusion Zone, or XZ as people have started to call it, has become a no man's land of the disaffected and contrarian. Nowhere is this more evident than the daily services of the local branches of what has come be called the Cult of the Kaiju.

That's right. The Kaiju have come through an interdimensional gateway to destroy human civilization, but this is San Francisco, people. Even they have their admirers. You'd never believe, but there are people out there worshiping these alien monstrosities.

We tried to talk to some of the cult leaders, but none of them would appear on camera. They refer to the Kaiju as kings, and as the Overlords of the world that exists on the other side of the Breach.

Their membership has been growing steadily each year, although it experienced a sharp drop during 2023, when only two Kaiju attacks occurred. It seemed for a moment then that the Kaiju were giving up, but then last year we found out just ho wrong that assumption was. As Kaiju attacks happened more and more often, membership in the Church of the Breach skyrocketed, and as you can see, there are plenty of people here observing the sunset services to observe the time of day when the final nuclear strike on Trespasser marked the first time humanity killed an alien invader.

Take a look, Roberto, are you getting this? People at home are going to want to see it. We're looking at hundreds of people processing with candles to the edge of the XZ, reciting their prayer over and over again. When you talk to them, they say that we have broken the planet so badly we no longer deserve to live on it.

As you can imagine, the Pan Pacific Defense Corps has nothing good to say about the Church. They were asked for an interview and declined, but I can tell you that there are PPDC people watching this service just like they watch all the others, in case something the Church does offers insight into where the Kaiju might strike next.

There's just nothing so strange that it won't find a home in San Francisco."

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