Type: Editorial
Subject: OP-ED: Is the Jaeger Program Worth It?
Chapter: Chapter 1, Page 22
We’ve all seen the pictures, and yes, they are inspiring. Coyote Tango bravely finishing off Onibaba with one conscious pilot. The flash and crackle of Cherno Alpha’s Sparkfist. Lucky Seven standing toe-to-toe with a two-hundred-foot monster in Hong Kong Bay. (What names!)

Does your kid want to be a Ranger? Mine does. She’s nine years old and doesn’t remember a time when the word kaiju didn’t occur a dozen times in every news report. The Rangers are heroes to her, the way… well, there’s where I lose the thread. Because there has never been anything like the Rangers: a group of maybe one hundred people who hold the entire fate of the human race in their hands. But hold on a minute. Is that really true?

What if the Rangers are really just holding us back? What if we’re being programmed into believing that it’s okay to lose slowly rather than take a shot at winning once and for all?

What if our reliance on Jaegers, and on the visceral thrill of watching one of them beat a kaiju into hamburger, is distracting us from something that might actually work? Because let’s face it, folks. The Jaeger program isn’t working. The kaiju keep coming, faster and faster, and there’s no way we can build Jaegers fast enough to keep up. Not forever.

Kaiju are big. They move slowly. Let’s just get the hell out of the way. Build the Walls, pick up all those millions of people from Shanghai to San Francisco and move them inland, and spend those trillions of dollars currently rusting away in Oblivion Bay on something that might actually work.

The Rangers are heroes. But like all heroes, they’re bound to find that time has passed them by.

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