Type: Editorial
Subject: January 6, 2025
Chapter: Chapter 12, Page 132
"Ladies and gentlemen, this is your pilot speaking. We’ve had to take the long way around here on our way into Oakland International and come up from the south, but every cloud has a silver lining. As we start our final approach, you’ll be able to look down on our port side and see something the crew and I think is pretty impressive.

"It’s called Oblivion Bay, and it’s where combat damaged Jaegers are permanently retired. Graveyard of our robot warriors, if you’ll pardon the expression. This was where the first kaiju, Trespasser, was hit with the first of the tactical nuclear weapons that eventually killed it. Now it’s a kind of memorial. You’ve got Coyote Tango over there. Brawler Yukon, Tacit Ronin… most of the early-generation Jaegers, the Mark Is and Mark IIs, are here. Diablo Intercept, Matador Fury. Just about everyone of them took a kaiju with them.

"Quite a sight, folks. Quite a sight. They started bringing Jaegers here about four years ago, and I’ve been watching them come ever since. Kind of gives you a sense of what the kaiju can do.

"The barge coming in right now is carrying Vulcan Specter, looks like. God bless her pilots. I’m sure the people of Sydney do. Further up the bay—you can’t see this, probably— is the other Jaeger that just fell in Sydney, Echo Saber.

"One more little note. The only Jaeger ever taken to Oblivion Bay and then removed again is an old Mark III by the name of Gipsy Danger, made right here in the US. "Apologies, folks. I"m a little bit of a Jaeger fan.

"Flight attendants, prepare for arrival."