Type: Editorial
Subject: Kaiju Magazine: Poetry Contest Winners, 2025— From the Pan-Pacific Defense Corps Media Archive
Chapter: Chapter 32, Page 317
From the Journal of Neurophysiology and Cybernetics, Winter 2024/25

Category: Haiku

No 401K
Old Rangers never retire
Kaiju get them first

…interviews with former Rangers suggest that their cognitive systems are permanently altered by the experience known as the Drift. They report persistent perceptions that another consciousness is operating in tandem with their own, as well as feelings that each action they take is recreated on a larger scale somewhere else. Some Rangers call this the “Drift hangover," but unlike hangovers, it does not appear to diminish over time.

The number of surviving ex-Rangers is very small, necessitating a degree of skepticism when assessing these findings. The Pan-Pacific Defense Corps does not permit external physicians or clinical staff to examine the available data. Nevertheless it appears highly probably that the neural-handshake causes persistent and perhaps permanent changes in the perceptual systems of the participants.

Also perhaps worthy of further investigations, though likely beyond the purview of this journal, are the claims of certain Rangers that they remain connected to their Jaegers even after the neural-handshake and Drift were terminated. Numerous anecdotal reports exist of Jaegers shifting with no Ranger in control of them, with attendant claims that these motions of the Rangers assigned to that particular Jaeger. If substantiated, these claims would characterize the nature of the neural handshake in a profoundly different light. They would also raise the specter of a sort of imprinted simulacrum of consciousness in the Jaegers themselves…

Excerpt from the song “Kaiju Blues," but Mukluk Anti-Future Project

Kaiju Blue gonna kill me dead
Kaiju Blue gonna kill me dead
But that’s okay cuz on the way
It’s gonna get you too

Kaiju Blue gonna kill me dead
Kaiju Blue gonna kill me dead
Ain’t no woman, ain’t no man
Can outrun Kaiju Blue…