Type: Editorial
Subject: Kaiju Prayer
Chapter: Chapter 27, Page 273
"We are the sisters of the kaiju.
We open our arms to receive the angels of the ocean.
Majestic creatures from beyond our horizons, deliver us from suffering and strike the evil from our hearts.
You are mercenaries on a mission of mercy, come to free humanity from a poisoned home. With almighty powers, you stir our ocean and steal our skies.
O kaiju kings, lead us down into your paradise below the seas and vanquish all who oppose your supreme reign.
Look how you crucify our false prophets, man-made tyrants who fear what they do not understand. You are not the scourge. You are the salvation.
We fall to our knees in your infinite shadow and raise our hands in awe and admiration.
Let the blue blood of the archangels wash away our iniquity that we may start life anew in the world before…"