Type: Editorial
Subject: Ranger Memorial Project: Tell Our Heroes You Honor Their Sacrifice — From The Pan-Pacific Defense Corps Media Archive
Chapter: Chapter 30, Page 299
There are too many Rangers dying! We cannot let our brave RANGERS die anymore without letting them know that their sacrifice is important to us! Say THANK YOU to a Ranger and support our effort to create a RANGER MEMORIAL in every home city where a fallen WARRIOR came from!

LIKE THIS PAGE if you want to create a memorial in all those places! SHARE to tell your friends and get their help!

We have friends from Tokyo to Tallahassee! From Detroit to Abu Dhabi! Even if a place isn’t on the PACIFIC RIM, people from there are fighting! YOU CAN HELP HONOR THEIR SACRIFICE by making MEMORIALS to them where they fell DEFENDING US ALL.

We lost five brave RANGERS yesterday. RIP AND GODSPEED.

Aleksis Kaidanovsky
Sasha Kaidanovsky
Cheung Wei
Hu Wei
Jin Wei

Hong Kong Bay is a GRAVEYARD OF HEROES now, just like all other places where Rangers have fought and DIED.

We are very close to having enough funding to go ahead with our first memorials. Artists all over the world are submitting designs. We will update everyone with results and a final design soon. THIS IS YOUR PROJECT! YOU CAN HELP! ONLY YOU CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN! PLEASE PITCH IN WHATEVER YOU CAN! HOW CAN IT BE TOO MUCH WHEN SO MANY RANGERS HAVE DIED?

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