Type: Editorial
Subject: ZNN Asia Live Feed 06
Chapter: Chapter 27, Page 273
Are you getting that, Ming? I want to start with the angle on the bay. Then we… yeah, then we sweep in to catch the… no, I want to see both of the Jaegers going down, What the hell are we doing out here if two Jaegers go down and we don’t get it? No, we need confirmation of what PPDC is calling them before we can do that. Who’s our guy inside the Shatterdome? Ping him and find out, they must have a code by now. Okay…

This is Grace Ohashi, ZNN Asia, live on the scene of the first double-kaiju attack the world has seen. Four Jaegers have responded to this attack. Two of the have been destroyed and one has been incapacitated by some kind of electrical attack. The fourth—the oldest—is a retooled Mark III, Gipsy Danger. It has just killed the first of the two invading kaiju, right down on the waterfront near the mouth of Rambler Channel. The dead kaiju is in the container port on Stonecutters Bridge. Emergency crews are already on the scene trying to hold back scavengers. This is, as you know, one of the peak danger times for Kaiju Blue.

We’re watching from the top of a crane at a shipyard across on the other side of the island. This kaiju, which we now understand is code-named Leatherback, is down fr good. Gipsy Danger has hit it several times with plasma cannons and you can see from the shots were getting that Leatherback is not about to get up again.

Now we’re going to swing you around to the southwest, where the second kaiju… we’re hearing it’s code-named Otachi… is headed straight into the heart of Kowloon. These are two of the biggest kaiju we have seen yet. As we’ve just mentioned, Otachi and Leatherback have already destroyed two Jaegers and left a third damaged but still standing in the middle of Hong Kong Bay. Can we get a shot of that, Ming? There, you can see Striker Eureka out in Victoria Harbor. It looks like rescue helicopters are just now picking up Stiker’s two Ranger pilots. We’ll have more on that as it develops. Right past Striker, you can see the Hong Kong Shatterdome, last of the Pan-Pacific Defense Corps’ Jaeger facilities.

With only two Jaegers left… maybe only one… you just have to wonder how long they can go on.

We’ll be back with more as we track Otachi into the center of Old Kowloon and report to you live. Grace Ohashi for ZNN.

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