Fang Profile
Biographical information
Birth name Fang
Citizenship Chinese[1]
Physical description
Hair Bald
Eyes Brown
Career information
Out-of-Universe information
Appears in Pacific Rim
Actor(s) Kaelyn Wong[2]

"Fang"[3] is the presumed name of a woman who works for Hannibal Chau.


Like most under Chau's employ, Fang is never far from him and never speaks. When Hannibal realizes that his unwanted company has triggered double Kaiju attack after Drifting with part of a Kaiju brain, Fang and several others pull their guns on Newton Geiszler after Hannibal leaves him to fend for his own in a public Anti-Kaiju refuge. Fang and other men join Hannibal in his private bunker.[1]

In the aftermath of Gipsy Danger's fight with Leatherback and Otachi, Fang presents Hannibal with a map of the area wherein Otachi's body has fallen before Newton's reappearance. Later, when the Wizened Man and several other workers are killed inside the body of Otachi by its offspring, Fang is among those who flee the scene when the Baby Kaiju emerges from Otachi's body and attacks the Harvesters.[1]


  • Kaelyn Wong is credited as "Hannibal Chau Thug" in the film's credits. The name "Fang" is provided by Travis Beacham.[3]
  • Fang has a tattoo of a dog on her right arm.[1]


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