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Felicity Kencaid is the name of an scrapped character from the Pacific Rim draft script.[1]



Felicity Kincaid is a secondary lead character in the original script of Pacific Rim. In her introduction, Felicity is described as "a clever girl" wearing Bohemian-flavored fashion with blonde curly hair.[1]

Felicity drives the secondary plot of the script involving the origins of the Kaiju and the Interstice, the portal that allows the Kaiju to travel from the Anteverse to mankind's dimension. In addition, the script attempts to set up a romantic subplot between Felicity and Newt Gotlieb.[1] While the character does not appear in Pacific Rim, a reworked version of her character, Naomi Sokolov, was used in the graphic novel, Pacific Rim: Tales From Year Zero, to tell the stories of Tendo Choi, Jasper Schoenfeld, and Stacker Pentecost.


Felicity is the ex-girlfriend of Raleigh Antrobus and the former fiancee of Yancy Antrobus. Prior to the events of the script, Felicity started a relationship with Yancy some time after her relationship with Raleigh ends. Raleigh becomes jealous of their relationship after glimpsing his brother's memories, which leads to the death of Yancy during their battle against Tortuga in Coyote Tango. Felicity begins to experience nightmares of Yancy's death, and of the Kaiju destroying the planet.[1]

Felicity begins to investigate the Kaiju's origins. Her investigation leads her to an anonymous source in Calixto Particle Observatory that feeds her information about the Kaiju's origins. Traveling to Lima, Peru, she meets with Newt Gotlieb and Myron Toynbee.[1]

After the two narrowly escape a Kaiju attack, Felicity travels with Newt to the Australian Outback to speak with Ivo Czerny, a man who claims to have discovered a way to stop the Kaiju before he was exiled by the Combined Special Defense Corps.. Felicity appears to able to convince Czerny, who connects her to the Kaiju brain in his possession, to help her find answers about the origin of the Kaiju.[1]

However, her Drift with the brain leaves her hopeless and depressed after glimpsing into the Anteverse. She and Newt relay their solution to destroy the Interstice to Stacker Pentecost and she makes amends with Raleigh before his deployment with Mako Mori in Gipsy Danger.[1]