Fong and Tull
Newton arrives at Fong and Tull
Geographical Information
Country China
Location Hong Kong[1]
Establishment Unknown
Population N/A
Status Active
In Pacific Rim
Notable Events Reckoner attack (2016, Hong Kong)
Notable Locations Kaiju Remedies
Notable Inhabitants Hannibal Chau

Fong Road and Tull[1] Street is an intersection located in the Bone Slums of Hong Kong.


Right before the Hong Kong Incident triggered by the Double Event, Stacker Pentecost sent Newton Geiszler to acquire the secondary brain of Kaiju to Drift with, in order to gain viable information to use in the upcoming Operation Pitfall.[1]

Black marketeer, Hannibal Chau, operates Kaiju Remedies out of the back of a shop at the intersection.[1]


  • The intersection is named after Producer Thomas Tull and concept artist Henry Fong[2].


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