Gipsy Danger's Chain Sword (left hand).

The GD6 Chain Sword was a weapon designed by Mako Mori.[1][2][3] It was added to the Mark-3 Jaeger, Gipsy Danger, after it was repaired and upgraded.[2]


The Chain Swords were made from steel obsidian alloy and built into Gipsy Danger's forearms. When deployed, the sword is a loose chain and then locks to form a solid blade.[1][3]


The weapon was first deployed above Hong Kong against the Category IV Kaiju, Otachi.[1] When Otachi carried Gipsy Danger above the atmosphere, Mako Mori activated the weapon. Mako and Raleigh Becket used the Chain Sword to cut through Otachi, slicing it in half, freeing the Jaeger and sending it into a freefall back down into the atmosphere.[1]

During Operation Pitfall, Gipsy Danger's right Chain Sword and arm was torn from its body during a fight with the Category IV Kaiju, Raiju, who ambushed the Jaeger from behind. The left Chain Sword was used effectively against the Category IV Kaiju, Scunner and was used to cut Raiju in half, using the Kaiju's own speed against it. During their attempt to enter the breach, Mako used Gipsy Danger's remaining Chain Sword in the effort to kill the Category V Kaiju, Slattern, after it survived the detonation of the thermonuclear bomb attached to Striker Eureka's back.[1]



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