Bruce and Trevin Gage[3][4] are twin brothers. They were Rangers in the Pan Pacific Defense Corps and the pilots of Romeo Blue.[5]


Pan Pacific Defense Corps.

As the pilots of Romeo Blue, Bruce and Trevin are engaged in multiple Kaiju attacks during the beginning of the Kaiju War. Their Jaeger is at the forefront of the Defense Corps promotion of the Jaeger Program to the public, appearing in Rolling Stone magazine and parades in the aftermath of the second Jaeger win against a Kaiju.[5]

The Gage brothers themselves make a public appearance on a talk show, solidifying the rising celebrity status of Jaeger pilots.[5][4]

In 2020, Bruce and Trevin are deployed in Anchorage to prevent Knifehead from crossing the ten mile mark. The Kaiju slips past them undetected, necessitating Gipsy Danger to defend the Miracle Mile.[6]

Sometime later, the Gage brothers are deployed in Seattle, Washington and are killed by the Kaiju attacking the city.[5]



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