Giovanni Capello is a crime boss working within the area of Santa Monica, California. He is a major figure in the criminal underworld on the West Coast.[1]


Early Life

During the earliest point of the Kaiju War, Capello chooses to occupy an abandoned mansion on the beach of Santa Monica, nearest to the Santa Monica Pier.[1]

Giovanni Capitalizes on the absence of the rich and authority within the chaos created by the Kaiju. He exploits the disadvantaged and uses the ruined environment to perpetuate human rights violations, such as human trafficking. He also demands large sums of money from the city's populace with a protection racket.[1]

At an undetermined time, Giovanni begins collecting the remains of Jaeger parts left behind in the city. Among the parts he was able to collect, he obtained the Drift Core of the Mark-5 Jaeger, Striker Eureka.[1]


March 3, 2034

According to a man named Sonny, Givoanni has left his mansion and the Santa Monica area on business. In his absence Jake Pentecost, the son of the late Stacker Pentecost, breaks into his mansion in order to steal the Drift Core from Giovanni's sealed vault.[1]


  • The official synopsis of Pacific Rim: Aftermath describes a supporting character named Mech Czar as a mob boss. The synopsis may have conflated his character with Giovanni Capello's.[1]