Gipsy Danger (Capsule Figure)

Gipsy Danger (Capsule Figures)

Gipsy Danger (Capsule Figures) V2

Product Information
Type Model figure
Series Capsule Q Figures
Release December 2014 (est.),
March 10, 2015 (volume 2)[1]
Height 2 Inches (approx., volume 1)[2],
95mm (3.71in, volume 2)[1]
Item no. 4537807081049 (volume 2)[1]
Manufactured Kaiyodo
Cost $25.00 (volume 1)[2],
¥370 (volume 2)[1]

Gipsy Danger[2][1] is a series of Capsule figures developed by Kaiyodo.


Three versions of Gipsy Danger were sold in two packaged volumes of scale figures produced by Kaiyodo. Volume one contained a standard version of Gipsy Danger and a "Plasma Canon Version", both were released alongside capsule figures of Knifehead, Cherno Alpha, and Striker Eureka December 2014.

Volume 2, released March 2015, featured a Gipsy Danger figure with two Chain Swords. Gipsy Danger was released alongside Leatherback, Crimson Typhoon, and Knifehead. All three figures were sculpted by Watanabe Yui-ju (also known as "G-Tempest")[2] and Watanabe Yuuki[1], and made with ABS and PVC materials.


Gipsy Danger (Plasma Canon Version)

Gipsy Danger (Chain Sword Version)


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