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Gipsy Danger (PLAMAX Figure) contains material that's yet to be released or pending release. As such, some of the information might be inaccurate or likely to change. Please remember to add citations of information provided in the article before editing this page. Fan speculation will be deleted.
PLAMAX JG-02: Gipsy Danger
Plamax Gipsy Danger-04
Product information
Type Figure
Series PLAMAX JG-02
Release Date December 2016[1]
Height 230mm (approx.)[1]
Universal Product Code N/A
Manufacture Max Factory (Release)
Good Smile Company (Distribution)
Cost ¥8,148 (Before Tax)($81 US approx.)[2]

PLAMAX JG-02: Gipsy Danger is the second of two figures developed by Max Factory and the Good Smile Company.[1] The figure is set for release in December of 2016.[1]

Official Description

"From the science fiction monster film that took the world by storm 'Pacific Rim' come 1/350th scale plastic model kits of the Jaeger - huge robotic weapons that are mankind's last line of defense against the Kaiju! The second in the series is Mark-3 Jaeger piloted by Raleigh Becket and Mako Mori - the Gypsy Danger! The massive appearance of the Jaeger has been converted into a plastic model kit using 3DCG data from the film for a faithful, detailed rendition of the original that includes the inner frame of the armor for fans to build for themselves. The kit is separated by color and makes use of snap-kit parts for easy assembly, with decals included to bring out the atmosphere of the film even more. The finished model also has a very satisfying size that is sure to stand out in any collection! The Plasma Cannon and Chain Sword are both included as parts to display on the model, and the kit also comes with an LED lighting unit to light-up the turbine on the Jaeger's chest. Experience the incredible presence of the Gipsy Danger in your collection once you've built it with your own two hands"
—Official Description[1]


PLAMAX JG-02: Gipsy Danger stands at approximately 230mm in height and features ABS&PS 1/350th scale assemblable plastic model kit. Decals as featured in the motion picture are included.2x LR41 batteries required for LED lighting unit are sold separately.




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