"Initiating launch operations, Gipsy Danger..."

The Gipsy Danger A.I.[1][2] is an artificial intelligence system created to maintain and monitor the Mark-3 Jaeger, Gipsy Danger and its pilots based on their current conditions in the field.


The A.I. system monitors Gipsy Danger as it is prepared for pilot-to-pilot protocol to initiate the Drift, relaying information to the pilots as it happens. This function is maintained even as the Jaeger is airlifted onto the battlefield against the Kaiju. The A.I. acknowledges verbal commands from its pilots whenever they call out Gipsy Danger's signature attacks in combat.[3]


  • The A.I.'s voice is provided by Ellen McLain, who voiced GLaDOS in the Portal video game series.
  • Prior to the release of the film, Gipsy Danger's A.I. was referred to as "Jaeger A.I." under the assumption that the program monitored all Jaegers and the Shatterdome.