This article is about the uncle mentioned in the novelization. You may be looking for the the uncle mentioned in Drift Space.

Gunter Giszler is the uncle of Newton Geiszler.[2]


Gunter is paid by Newtons parents to look after Newton whenever they go on holiday, or whenever his mother goes on tour. Gunter spends his time looking after Newton at his home, which may be near a beach.[2]

The two spend most of their time in his study where he teaches Newton how to listen to music. A music engineer, Gunter teaches his nephew all he knows about electronics.[3][2]

Known Inconsistencies

  • According Drift Space the name of Newton's uncle is "Illia".[1] In the novelization his name is "Gunter".[2]
  • According to Drift Space Illia is a Electrical Engineer.[1] In the novelization Gunter is a music engineer.[2]


  • Both version's of Newton's uncle have an interest in fishing.[4][2]