Hardship (Action Figure) Deluxe Figure
Product Information
Type Action Figure
Series Deluxe Series
Release June 2016[1]
Height 7"
Item no. 60950
UPC 6-34482-60950-7
Manufactured NECA

Hardship is a discontinued "Deluxe Series" Pacific Rim action figure developed by NECA. The figure made its debut at the 2015 San Diego Comic-Con.[2] It was released in June 2016.[3] This series also includes Scunner, Axehead, Otachi, Flying Otachi, and Mutavore.

Official Description

"From the epic Pacific Rim movie, our next boxed, ultra-deluxe kaiju action figure is Hardship! This deadly kaiju was one of the earliest to come through the breach, and was ultimately defeated by Romeo Blue. At over 8” tall and over 6” wide, Hardship is massive. This movie-accurate figure utilizes new tooling, features over 30 points of articulation, and is to scale with our Jaeger action figures."
—Official Description[1]


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Comic-Con 2015


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