Hawaii[note 1] is the 50th state of the United States of America. It was incorporated August 21, 1959.[1] It was the location of a major Kaiju attack in 2021[3][4][5] and the final resting place of Rangers who die in combat or pass from natural causes or illnesses.[2]



October 21, 2021, the Kaiju Ceramander emerges from the Breach and attacks a city within the state of Hawaii. Its attempt to destroy its targeted city is thwarted by the Mark-1 and Mark-5 Jaegers, Coyote Tango and Striker Eureka.[3][4][5]


Four years following the defeat of Gipsy Danger at the hands of Knifehead, journalist Naomi Sokolov sought out an interview with Pan Pacific Defense Corps' Marshal Stacker Pentecost.[2]

While initially unsuccessful, she manged to arrange a meeting with him at the Pan Pacific Memorial Cemetery, a burial ground for Jaeger pilots who've died in battle or from other causes. She conducted her interview while he and his daughter, Mako Mori, were visiting the grave of Tamsin Sevier, the former pilot of Coyote Tango.[2]



  1. Pronounced "Hawaiʻi"