Heather Doerksen is a Canadian-born actress and voice actor. She portrays Lieutenant Sasha Kaidonovsky in Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim.


Doerksen attended the Simon Fraser University. Her initial major was Science, but her interest in acting caused her to change it to Theatre, and she received a BFA from Simon Fraser University[2]. Doerksen began working in film in 2005, with her first on-screen roles being in CW's Smallville and Showtime's The L Word.

In 2006 she provided her voice in Mattel's 2006 animated film, The Barbie Diaries and later starred in SpikeTV's 'Blade: The Series. In 2011 Doerksen was nominated for a Best Performance Leo Award for her role in the short film, Alchemy and other Imperfections.[2]


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