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Himantura Sculp-02
Technical Information
Given Name Himantura
Origin Anteverse
Kaiju Specifications
Battle Information
Target Information

Himantura is the name of an unused Kaiju concept.


Concept artist Simon Lee described Himantura as "a cross between a stingray and a switchblade". It is perhaps the most alien of the Kaiju, its design closer to that of the Precursors. Himantura can fold or expand its body open in a manner that it resembles "three creatures in one".[note 1][1]


Lee designed Himantura early 2011. The deisgn of the Kaiju was inspired by bending aluminium.[note 2][2] However, the concept was never used in the film.



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  1. Simon Lee: PACIFIC RIM Kaiju concept: HIMANTURA (my baby), a cross between a stingray and a switchblade. Would have been a Category 6 if it were up to me. This is the resin cast of part of the torso. I will have more pics later of the entire sculpture
  2. Simon Lee: PACIFIC RIM: This picture is me designing and sculpting the Himantura kaiju (Monster One in the art book) for Pacific Rim back in early 2011. The idea of this creature all came from bending the aluminum armature - this creature can fold up or expand to open and is essentially 3 creatures in one. I will have more pics once the studio has cleared them.


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