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Ilisapie Flint
Biographical information
Birth name Ilisapie Flint
Physical description
Career information
Occupation Jaeger Pilot
Rank PPDC Ranger
Affiliations Pan Pacific Defense Corps
Jaegers Piloted Chrome Brutus[1]
Partner(s) Zeke Amarok[1]
Out-of-Universe information

Ilisapie Flint[1] is the cousin of Zeke Amarok. She was a Ranger in the Pan Pacific Defense Corps and one of the pilots of Chrome Brutus.[1]


Pan Pacific Defense Corps.

Ilisapie began as a helicopter pilot on Brawler Yukon’s spotter team.[2] Interested in becoming a Ranger herself, she speaks with her cousin, Zeke Amarok and sometime afterward she joins the Jaeger Academy. She and Zeke pilot Chrome Brutus, a Mark-3 Jaeger.[2]


  • llisapie Flint is of Inuit descent.[2]


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