This article is about the uncle mentioned in Drift Space feature.. You may be looking for Gunter Geiszler from the novelization..

Illia Geiszler is the uncle of Newton Geiszler.[1]


Illia Geiszler is a electronics engineer, and the brother of Jacob Geiszler. Following his brother's affair with a singer named Monica Schwartz, Monica gave birth to a child.

Wanting to pursue her career, she leaves the child in the care of Jacob, and Illia chooses to help his brother raise Newton.[1] In a memory seen during Newton's Drift with the brain of Mutavore, Illia and Newton are fishing.[3]

Known Inconsistencies

  • According Drift Space the name of Newton's uncle is "Illia".[1] In the novelization his name is "Gunter".[2]
  • According to Drift Space Illia is a Electrical Engineer.[1] In the novelization Gunter is a music engineer.[2]


  • According to Drift Space Illia is an eccentric.[1]
  • Both version's of Newton's uncle have an interest in fishing.[3][2]