Itu is a Ranger in the Pan Pacific Defense Corps and the sister of Kagiso. She was the pilot of Victory Alpha before its destruction in 2015.[1]


Tales From The Drift

July 5, 2016, Itu and her sister are sent out against the Category II Kaiju, Ragnarok. When LOCCENT Mission Control lose sight of the creature on their end, Itu points out the location of Ragnarok just as it ambushes them from behind.

Victory Alpha is hit from behind and sisters are jostled inside the Conn-Pod to a point where Itu is put in danger. Itu reassures Kagiso that she's alright. The two move in to kill Ragnarok fast and quick.

While their fight appears evenly matched, Itu believes they should eject from Victory Alpha, but Kagiso insists on prolonging the fight. Despite their efforts, Victory Alpha is overpowered by Ragnarok who begins to tear the machine apart. Itu and Kagiso manage to escape the unharmed.