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This article contains early or scrapped production information about Legendary Pictures's Pacific Rim, and is intended to work as a history book on the film's development progress.

Ivo Czerny is the name of a scrapped character from the Pacific Rim draft script.[1]



Ivo Czerny is a minor character in the original script for Pacific Rim. The character appears near the end of Felicity Kincaid's story arc, and supplies the Kaiju brain required to present one-half of the solution to prevent to Kaiju from crossing over into mankind's dimension.

Much of Cezrn Ivo Czerny's role is designed to explain to the audience origin of the Kaiju and the creation of the “the Interstice”. The character was later replaced in rewrites of the script with the character Hannibal Chau.


Ivo Czerny is a scientist who worked with the Combined Special Defense Corps.' Sci Division. Ivo Czerny discovered a mass of Dark Matter that later created the means and circumstances that allowed the Precursors to create the Interstice”, a portal that bridged their dimension to Earth's at the bottom of the ocean.[1]

Ivo's relationship with COSDEC lasts for thirteen years following his discovery, working alongside fellow scientists Newt Gotlieb and Myron Toynbee. When Ivo learns of a "breakthrough" that could “turn the tide of the war” against the Kaiju, he is exiled by COSDEC to the Outback of Australia for reasons never divulged to his co-workers.[1]

When Newt takes Felicity Kincaid to Australia to meet with Ivo, Ivo reveals that Earth's dimension was created by the Precursors. He tells them that the discovery that got him exiled was connected to the "signal" linked the Kaiju to their universe and Earth's dimension. He tricks Felicity into allowing him to connecting her to the Kaiju brain in his possession and initiates a Drift between them, leaving her without aide.[1]

When he discovers Newt in his office, Ivo declares that they will all die in the invasion and that there's no way to destroy the portal despite Newt's protests to otherwise. Ivo primes a thermobaric warhead hidden in his study and plans to kill himself, Newt and Felicity to avoid subjugation of alien invasion. Ivo dies in the explosion of the bomb while Newt and Felicity are able to escape.[1]