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The Jaeger Designer is an official app provided by Warner Brothers Studio's official website for Pacific Rim. The website allows users to create their own specialized Jaeger with up to four design options that include, but are not limited to: Country, poster background, a personalized name (example: "Kaiju Crush"[1]) and the physical condition of the Jaeger itself (example: oxidized, battle scarred, and weathered).

Alongside the designer app, the website contains a virtual training session.

Parts that You Can Choose From

Head Components

90ER11 Amber Platinum Visor Shield

  • Jaeger: Striker Eureka
  • This advanced photochromic visor is segmented into four distinct sections, offering greater situational awareness to the pilots within.

MGS112 Recharging Energy Cell

  • Jaeger: Cherno Alpha
  • This oversized power port holds unprecedented energy reserves and incendiary fuel, while acting as a strong visual decoy for kaiju seeking the Jaeger's head.

Hive-Visor Lens-S​hield

  • Jaeger: Gipsy Danger
  • This detachable head acts as the nerve center and cockpit for the Jaeger's pilot team. Features and escape pod, spinal plating for improved integrity and Hive-Visor Lens-Shield.

Chest Piece Components

T-16 Angel Wing

  • Jaeger: Striker Eureka
  • These giant back mounted fins enable the Jaeger to maintain balance during the turbulence of supercharged burst lunges and evasive maneuvers.

Chest Conn-pod "Atmoscan"

  • Jaeger: Cherno Alpha
    • Mounted at the heart of the torso frame, this unorthodox conn-pod location gives the Jaeger pilots one of the most secure cockpit environments a Jaeger pilot could ask for.

Nuclear Vortex Turbine

  • Jaeger: Gipsy Danger
  • The last Nuclear Vortex Turbine in the service of the PPDC. Though discontinued, the energy core was one of the most powerful nuclear combustion systems ever used in combat.

WMB2x90 AKM Chest Launcher

  • Jaeger: Striker Eureka
  • This six barrel Anti-Kaiju missile launcher is based with an arsenal of 18 individual K-Stunner Warheads.

Upper Arm Components

Mk5 Stabilizing Upper Arm

  • Jaeger: Striker Eureka
  • These lightweaight curved arms offer increased flexibility and balance for burst combat.

Mk4 Heavy Armor Upper Arm

  • Jaeger: Cherno Alpha
  • The heavy armor arm offers increased defense capability as well as improved stance for punching maneuvers

Mk3 Light Armor Upper Arm

  • Jaeger: Gipsy Danger
  • the Mk3 upper arm offers lightweight and layered armor plating for improved speed and defense capabilites.

Lower Arm Components

Assault Mount 3.25 "Sting-Blades"

  • Jaeger: Striker Eureka
  • With adjustable retractors, these formidable blades are laced with carbon nanotubes that channel thermal energy.

Z14 Tesla Fist

  • Jaeger: Cherno Alpha
  • This hammer-like fist holds a highly charged Tesla-cell

S-II Pulse Launcher

  • Jaeger: Gipsy Danger
  • The S-II Pulse launcher fires an orb of pure darkmatter at its target. Successful strikes disrupt the molecular reality of Kaiju biology.

I-19 Plasmacaster

  • Jaeger: Gipsy Danger
  • This Particle Dispersal Cannon was one of the first energy casters deployed in the Kaiju conflict. Designed to simultaneously wound and cauterize the Kaiju anatomy.

GD6 Chain Swords

  • Jaeger: Gipsy Danger
  • This chain sword offers the Jaeger the close-range strike efficiency to slash and restrain the Kaiju predator from any angle.

Upper Leg Components

Gravity Capacitors

  • Jaeger: Striker Eureka
  • Advanced Motion-Sensing stance adjustors allow for a much wider range of movement without compromising balance.

Pendular Sockets

  • Jaeger: Cherno Alpha
  • The upper hip pendular sockets offer stronger stance anchoring at the price of more sophisticated motor functions

98BD/Hyper-Torque Drivers

  • Jaeger: Gipsy Danger
  • These "40 engine blocks per muscle strand" allow for increased locomotion

Lower Leg Components

Mk5 Lightweight Shin

  • Jaeger: Striker Eureka
  • This lightweight shin offers improved flexibility and balance during burst combat.

Mk4 Heavy Armor Lower Leg

  • Jaeger: Cherno Alpha
  • This heavy duty leg offer increased stance and armor.

08FS/Oceanic Cooling Vents

  • Jaeger: Gipsy Danger
  • These activated carbon ports channel seawater through the circulatory cooling system to prevent overheating.

Feet Components

Mk5 Lightweight Foot

  • Jaeger: Striker Eureka

Foot Spikes

  • Jaeger: Cherno Alpha

Mk3 Armor-plated Foot

  • Jaeger: Gypsy Danger

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