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This article contains early or scrapped production information about Legendary Pictures's Pacific Rim, and is intended to work as a history book on the film's development progress.

Jim is the name of a scrapped character from the Pacific Rim draft script.[1]



Jim is a minor character in the original script for Pacific Rim. In his introduction, he is described as Felicity Kincaid's "IT Guy". The character appears at the beginning of Felicity Kincaid's story arc and is used as an establishing device.[1] As with other characters, Jim was written out of later versions of the script.


Jim works as Felicity's information technician. At the beginning of the story, Jim manages to track down the exact location and identity of Felicity's anonymous source for her story on the origins of the Kaiju. Jim directs her to the Calixto Particle Observatory in Lima, Peru, and asks her whether or not she's going to pursue the lead. When she gives him a non-answer, Jim resigns himself to having to lie to her editor again.[1]