Joshua Hale Fialkov is an American comic book writer and Harvey Award nominee who primarily works in the horror genre. Fialkov is best known for his works, Echoes, Elk's Run, I, Vampire, and the 2008 film Infected. He is the head writer of Pacific Rim: Tales from the Drift.


Fialkov was born in Sacramento, California in August of 1979, but raised in Pittsburgh, PA. He attended college at Emerson in Boston, MA where he received a B.F.A. in writing and directing.[1] After working in film in Boston, he moved to Los Angeles in 2001.

In 2007, he was a winner in the first Pilot Season comics competition with Cyblade, and returned for the fifth season in 2011 with The Test.[2]

In late 2013, Fialkov started to write a new webcomic series The Bunker with artist Joe Infurnari, which received positive reactions and was picked up by Oni Press to turn the series into a traditional printed format starting from February 2014. The publisher also picked up another pitch from Fialkov and a rookie artist Gabo, St. Jude and The Life After, which debuted in July 2014 as The Life After and was also critically praised. Following the breakthrough success of two independent series, because of the resulting increased workflow, his own illness in late July, and possibly low sales of the series itself, Fialkov dropped out of Ultimate FF, leaving the series cancelled midway through the current arc.

Outside the comics realm, in 2008, his success in comics led to his selection as lead writer and executive producer for the LG15: The Resistance web series, based on the lonelygirl15 franchise.

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