Kagiso is a Ranger in the Pan Pacific Defense Corps and the sister of Itu. She was the pilot of Victory Alpha before its destruction in 2016.[1]


Tales From The Drift

July 5, 2016, Kagiso and Itu are sent out against the Category II Kaiju, Ragnarok. When LOCCENT Mission Control lose sight of the creature on their end, Kagiso assures them that they can still read Ragnarok's signature on their scanners.

Ragnarok attacks Victory Alpha from behind as Itu points out its location. Ragnarok hits their Jaeger hard enough from behind that Kagiso and Itu feel its impact from inside the Conn-Pod. Kagiso cries out for her sister, but Itu reassures Kagiso that she's not hurt.

Kagiso and Itu move to kill Ragnarok quickly, and appear to be evenly matched against the Kaiju. However, as the fight goes on, Itu grows concerned and believes they should eject from the Victory Alpha.

Kagiso objects, determined to finish the fight and beat Ragnarok. Ragnarok grows third pair of arms, and proceeds to tear Victory Alpha apart, forcing Kagiso and Itu to eject before they can be killed.