Type: Pan Pacific Defense Corps Research Report — Kaiju Science
Subject: Kaiju DNA repetition among specimens
Chapter: Chapter 22, page 226
Prepared by
Dr. Newton Geiszler
Dr. Hermann Gottlieb

Dr. Newton Geiszler has conclusively demonstrated DNA repetition among different individual kaiju. Using multiple specimens from multiple organs and a number of different individuals, Dr. Geiszler discovered repeated DNA markers in all specimens. These repetitions occur in the same sequences, suggesting three possibilities.

  1. The kaiju are manufactured
  2. Some of the repeated strands of DNA act as encoding mechanisms for a kind of species memory
  3. The kaiju passing through the Breach transmit their experiences on Earth back to the Anteverse.

Dr. Hermann Gottlieb endorses Dr. Geiszler’s conclusions.

Kaiju Science believes the kaiju are created weaponry. Given this troubling observation, it must be argued that we are in an arms race with the kaiju. The kaiju get larger and more powerful with successive generations [see attached chart plotting size against frequency for Breach openings]. We expect that future Kaiju will begin to demonstrate combat abilities we have not yet seen. Each kaiju, through the hive-mind and DNA-based species memory it possesses, communicates its experiences to its creator up to and including the moment and manner of its death. [See Dr. Geiszler’s report on his unprecedented Drift with a portion of a kaiju cerebrum.]

Our enemies are certainly intelligent and ruthless enough to make us of this information. We must confront the disturbing possibility that new kaiju will have built-in countermeasures to our standard combat protocols. Already we have seen them adapt their fighting practice to go after the Jaegers’ heads. They have learned that the Rangers inside are critical to the Jaegers’ function.

What will they learn next?

How will they put that new information into practice?

We cannot answer these questions. We hope that by asking them, we may assist combat assets in future kaiju encounters.