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This article contains early or scrapped production information about Legendary Pictures's Pacific Rim, and is intended to work as a history book on the film's development progress.

Komodo is the name of an unused Kaiju concept from the Pacific Rim draft script.[1]


Komodo is a Kaiju with a long body resembling that of a lizard, presumably that of a Komodo dragon. Its teeth create an overbite that "curl sloppily" from its mouth. Its head is decorated in a row of "coiled and braided horns" that embellish his head. Komodo stands on six legs, with a long, spiked tail. One of three Category IV Kaiju referenced ever encountered in the script's story, Komodo is larger than that of a Jaeger. Komodo spits acidic bile that corrodes everything it touches.[1]


In the original script for Pacific Rim, Komodo, a Category IV Kaiju, is meant to indicate a turn in the narrative stakes and foreshadows the arrival of the Category V Kaiju, Fulcrum. The Kaiju attacks Tacit Ronin in Minato Mirai, Japan. Komodo engages Tacit Ronin, who attacks the Kaiju without the use of traditional weapons. Despite the apparent advantage the Jaeger has over the Kaiju, Komodo manages to damage it severely with its acidic bile after knocking it down with its spiked tail. When Komodo attempts to finish Tacit Ronin off, the Jaeger uses its "Cutlass Laser" to split the Kaiju in half.[1]