"...The Jaeger Program is dead, Marshal!"
—Cole to Stacker Pentecost[2]

L. Cole[2] is a British representative to the United Nations. He was an advocate of shutting down the Jaeger Program.


United Nations

According to the data on L. Taylor's screen, Cole is the representative of Great Britain, located in the Atlantic Ocean.[3] Major port cities that he represents are the Port of Southampton, and Plymouth, England, both of which presumably were attacked by Kaiju a record of two times.[2][3]


Five years after the downfall of the Jaeger Program, Cole, L. Taylor and several other members of the United Nations hold a meeting with Stacker Pentecost, Tendo Choi and Herc Hansen at the Anchorage Shatterdome.

When Pentecost pleads for another chance to mount a final assault against the Kaiju, Cole makes a point of declaring the Jaeger program "dead". However, he voices his support for the Anti-Kaiju Wall, considering it a far more promising option than that of the four surviving Jaegers and their pilots efforts.

Taylor announces that what remains of the program will be decommissioned after the eight months of funding they left to Pentecost runs out and communications between Pentecost and the United Nations are terminated.[2]