Dr. Lars Gottlieb is the father of Hermann Gottlieb and the creator of the Jaeger Program.[4]


Lars Gottlieb is the father of four children. Of the four, Hermann Gottlieb, is the only one to join the Pan Pacific Defense Corps.[3] Lars is said to be inventor of the Jaeger Program, involved in its earliest stages of creation after Jasper Schoenfeld's concept for the Jaeger is approved by the United Nations.[5]

Lars supports the Jaeger Program for as long as it appears to be a viable option for the defense of the Pacific Rim. However, in the aftermath of the Kaiju's gradual adaptation to their defenses, he chooses to side with the United Nations on the plan to construct the Anti-Kaiju Wall with the Wall of Life Program.[1] As a result, he is put directly at odds with his son, Hermann, over their opposing options on the viability of the Wall vs. the Jaeger Program.[6]