Leatherback (Capsule Figure)
Leatherback (Capsule Figures)
Product Information
Type Model figure
Series Capsule Q Figures
Release March 10, 2015[1]
Height 95mm (3.71in)[1]
Item no. 4537807081049[1]
Manufactured Kaiyodo
Cost ¥37[1]

Coyote Tango[1] is a Capsule figure developed by Kaiyodo.


Leatherback was sold in the second volume of scale figures produced by Kaiyodo. Volume two contained only one version Leatherback, released alongside capsule figures of Gipsy Danger, Knifehead, Coyote Tango, and Crimson Typhoon March 2015. Leatherback was sculpted by Teraoka Kuniaki and made with ABS and PVC materials.



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